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#urischeme (completely open) URI schemes for NIF

There are two things, which we have to decide:

  • Syntax for the URI Scheme, i.e. #key1=val1;key2=val2 or #key1=val1&key2=val2 or val1_val2 There is a detailed document, weighing all options: Issue: Syntax for NIF URIs
  • Features (Semantics and Pragmatics): What do we want to select? How expressive does it need to be? Can we select non-contigious strings and is there some form of invalidation. Options are collected here: Issue: Features for NIF URIs

#ontologies (completely open) STR and SSO ontologies

#simplifyolia(likely resolved) Simplify connection to OLiA

From mailing list by Martin:

2) The output of the wrapper is quite large, around 11 pages for a single sentence. But in the same output you write
a) the definition of the classes,
b) all the super classes of every subject, for instance:CoordinatingConjunction, Conjuntion, Tag, etc.
c) All the comments.
Are those actually required by NIF or just to ease the presentation ?

Comment To include this was a mistake in the first place. Simplicity drives adoption. I think we should only include a single link to olia in NIF 2.0. Originial use case was, that it made SPARQL queries shorter, but it is too difficult to implement. SebastianHellmann (talk) 10:58, 19 July 2012 (CEST)

## For sentence:
President Obama on Monday will call for a new minimum tax rate for individuals making more than $1 million a year.      
## Output NIF 1.0
  rdf:type sso:Word , str:OffsetBasedString , olia-top:LinguisticConcept ,
  olia_system:LinguisticAnnotation ,  penn:Tag ,  owl:Thing ,  olia:Noun , 
  olia-top:SyntacticCategory ,  olia-top:MorphosyntacticCategory , 
  penn:ProperNoun ,  olia:ProperNoun ,  olia-top:Word ,  penn:Noun ;
  sso:posTag "NNP" ;  
  sso:oliaLink <> .
## Tentative NIF 2.0 output
<> owl:imports <> .
<> owl:imports <> .
  rdf:type sso:Word , str:String ;
  sso:oliaLink <> ;
  ## sso:posTag  is optional, because it is redundant to sso:oliaLink
  sso:posTag "NNP" .

#versioning (open outcome, no convention yet) Ontology Versioning

Although the specification document of NIF 2.0 will be stable, the ontologies can still change and are unversioned.

  • Option: Include important classes, properties, individuals in the spec document
  • Option: Add a version to the ontologies and include the version number in the spec
    • - ontology can never be improved
  • Option: Don't do any versioning, but see, that ontology development is always backward compatible

#mandatory (likely resolved) Handling of redundant information in fragment identifiers and mandatory RDF triples

In NIF-1.0 certain RDF properties, which duplicated information already in the URI were mandatory. These properties include : str:anchorOf, str:beginIndex, str:endIndex, which are already contained or can be calculated from #offset_717_729. These properties will not be mandatory any more, choice is up to the implementor client.

#infrastructure (likely resolved) Should the client or the server implement the conceptual interoperability?

For each tool the interoperability to one reference ontology has only to be implemented once, while on the other hand many clients would have to implement it. The difficulty is however that the servers have to provide exact and versioned implementations so the client does not get a conflict when merging. Proposed solution:

  • Server (NIF web service) only implements minimal disambiguation with respect to a specified reference ontology
  • Infrastructure service (also called data transformation service in EAI) will be created that provide modular services
  • Client can choose from Infrastructure services and transform the data.

#change_domain (likely resolved) Change domain to something neutral

Trigger was the talk of Phil Archer at MLW Workshop in Dublin: slides, video will have problems to be adopted by national projects, e.g. from USA or Japan, because of "eu" in the domain. Therefore the namespace of the ontologies needs to be changed to an .org or .com domain. This affects:

#stable_domain pending Guarantee Domain stability

We will make sure, that the new domain will be stable and hosting is secured for the ontologies.

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